Four groups of professionals are categorized in the design and construction professional liability market – architects & engineers, design & build contractors, design teams and contractors.


This group includes architectural firms, engineering firms, land surveyors and landscape professionals that provide plans, specifications, consulting and other design services for the construction and manufacturing industries. Their liability is typically created when they affix their stamp or seal on design plans and provide those plans for a fee. They are subject to allegations of negligent or improper design, negligence in performing studies, construction administration, reports and other design related services.

Design/Build Contractors:

As well as performing the design services through the in-house design professionals or subcontracted design service, design/build contractors also perform the construction or fabrication services. Professional liability coverage is available to address the design exposure.

Design Teams:

A group of design professional firms participating in a project are jointly and severally liable for their acts, errors and omissions. A project specific policy naming all design team may be desirable. Projects owners will sometimes require a firm or the design team be insured under a policy written specifically for a specific project.


Construction companies and contractors not performing or subcontracting design services are said to have no true professional liability exposure. However, they may be subject to contingent or vicarious liability associated with the design services rendered on a project. Contractors Contingent Liability coverage is available for this exposure.

Cincinnati Intermediaries hasĀ over 10 (rated A or better) facilities to address all types of design, engineering, and construction professional liability exposures for the architectural firms, surveyors, construction managers, civil and HVAC engineers and the hard-to-place machine design, structural and process engineers, and unlicensed consultants.


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