IRMI has an excellent article on the Top Ten Best Employment Practices. Here’s a summary – please see the article for the full text:

1. Plan Early for Visas and Work Authorization Documents
3. Tailor Offer Letters So They Do Not Inadvertently Become Employment Contracts
4. Develop Binding Agreements To Secure Intellectual Property
5. Make Sure Your “Freelancers” Are Not Really “Employees”
6. Don’t Give Away the Store with Stock Options
7. Develop Telecommuting Policies that Adhere to Traditional Workplace Regulations
8. Define and Enforce Policies Regarding Electronic Communications
9. Encourage Appropriate Workplace Behavior
10. Conduct Staff Reductions Fairly and Consistently

We’d add two more:

11.) Purchase a Quality Employment Practices Liability Insurance Policy, and

12.) Work with a broker who understand and specializes in Employment Practices Liability.

Call us to discuss any of your accounts who need Employment Practices Liability.


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